Weight Loss Program

Performance Fitness and Health on Earth have teamed up to create an unparalleled program to help you lose weight, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and speed up your metabolism.

Certified Personal Trainers Paula Man & Kirstin Harmes and Holistic Nutritionist & Homeopathic Physician, Debbie Allen are ready to get you all of the above in one amazing package for 6wks starting anytime that suits you! So start NOW!

The amazing pieces that are all included in this Weight Loss Program;

  • weekly one-on-one weight-in and visit with Debbie Allen
  • individualized eating program
  • daily e-mail access to Debbie Allen for accountability
  • minimum 2x week workouts at Performance Fitness Studio

Depending on your goals, schedule & finances; here are the 3 options (incl tax);

  1. 2x week bootcamp (12 sessions)- $495.25
  2. 3x week bootcamps (18 sessions)- $596.35
  3. 2x wk private one-on-one training (12 sessions)- $996.37

This amazing program can be started at any time. We want to help you be successful so when you are ready to take this step towards a healthy and happier you, we are ready too! Call or e-mail to book NOW!

Register now for your opportunity to change how you feel & look from the inside out!

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