Bootcamp Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients are saying about our Bootcamps

"I joined Performance Fitness bootcamp with one goal in mind... to fit into a pair of skinny jeans that I bought 3 years ago! Little did I know how much fun the classes would be and how connected I would feel with all of my other workout buddies. Every week, I look forward to my workouts and all the laughs and groans we have in our one hour together. Paula shakes things up everyweek with a different circuit, new moves, exciting equipment and a challenging workout. There's never a dull moment and the good news is that I finally put on my skinny jeans (4 months later !) AND feel absolutely great. Even though I've reached my initial goal, I am continuing classes with Paula. Here's to a stronger and leaner body and better health!"
- Ingrid

"Boot camps have always scared me off before but Paula offers a boot camp that is challenging and supportive at the same time. She takes a personal approach to helping you work to your potential, encourages you to push yourself but checks in often to ensure you are working within your own abilities. This approach motivates you to work hard - even if you feel you can't do anymore, Paula's encouragement helps you do "one more". It's a great environment that makes you feel like you are part of a "boot camp team". I love it and am so glad I was willing to take the chance and give this boot camp a try."
- Cathy

"I loved your positive outlook and how you talk to each of your clients! You really push people to keep going as well."
- Tracey

"I can't tell you how fabulous my experience has been through all of this, you are so upbeat, caring and motivating, Knowledgeable about fitness and what works exceptionally well & You work with other health and fitness specialists to learn more and new things...I'm going to be 50 next year, so seeing these results so quickly has been so incredibly gratifying. I've lost close to 10 pounds & I do also notice that my waist has made an appearance."
- Laura

"I was thinking about all the things boot camp in a mere few weeks has done for me:

1. I have crazy amounts of energy
2. my yearly SAD hasn't really hit me so hard this year
3. I am actually SEEING my body start to take on a different shape
4. my appetite is now under control and I'm not over-eating or eating out of stress.
5. I have a more positive outlook and stress doesn't seem to impact me as badly
6. I am sleeping better"