Client Testimonials

"I've worked with other trainers in the past, but Paula has provided the most consistency and best results. She goes above and beyond to provide follow up and coaching that I've never had before."
- Neil

"We have had the pleasure to be able to be trained by Paula for the past 3 years. Paula is very motivating and always up to date on new training equipment and techniques. Paula has always and continues to be the utmost professional. Paula's entire focus is getting the best results for her clients. We would strongly recommend her to anyone."
- Sarah and Craig

"Paula has been an inspiration to me. She makes me push myself far more than I would be willing to do myself and I am seeing the results of this hard work. This is my first time with a fitness instructor and I have enjoyed the experience far more than I ever thought I would. Paula is GREAT, she knows how to get results and have fun doing it. I am sure you will enjoy her as much as I do."
- Debbi

"I have been training with Paula for over five years and can attest without a doubt she is a dedicated trainer whose goal is to help you reach yours. She approaches our sessions with humor, as her anecdotes are what generally helps me get through the program. Telling her that you hate her doesn't entice to her to reduce the weight or the number of repetitions she has planned instead will offer encouragement enabling you to be successful. She helped me set, attain and maintain my goals while at the same time realizing that sometimes we can not always follow the "plan". Her dedicated approach, caring and flexible nature are three of her major attributes, ones that I hope will be with me for a very long time and provide me with the opportunity of telling her that I like her much more when she leaves than when she arrives!"
- Gilda

"Paula has been my personal trainer for over 7 years. Paula has the innate ability to know exactly what my body needs and wants from a fitness program. I am an avid runner and have specific requests for my gym time. Her programs are challenging and different making use of both balance and body weight. Three years ago I requested a core workout. She designed a unique program where each exercise incorporated as many muscles as possible. I went from a size 4, (which I had been forever), to a size 0 with the core looking better than ever! After 4 children that is a quite a feat. The program was fantastic. It made me work. Paula's programs make you go the extra step. Paula has continued to modify my program over the years to keep it both demanding and interesting. Paula is always available for questions about particular new exercises, even by text message while I was in the gym!"
- Kathryn

"I always look forward to going to boot camp because Paula always changes things around, making the sessions fun and exciting. It never really feels like a workout until the next day! Thanks Paula!"
- Corena

“For 6 years I have had the pleasure of training with Paula. Her motivation and encouragement has gotten me through many, many training sessions as well as marathons!! I am a stronger person thanks to Paula and look forward to our sessions not only for the adrenaline rush it gives me, but for the conversation and good company. I have come to expect and enjoy the “good pain” I feel the day after a work out. She can really get into those hard to reach muscles. I couldn’t imagine not having Paula in my life as she is not only my personal cheering section, but she is one of my dearest and closest friends.”
- Lisa

"Paula is an amazing trainer. She is very supportive, knowledgeable, motivating and just a joy to be around. I have been lucky enough to work with her for a couple months now and thanks to her and the people in the group, I look forward to the boot camp and although you go home tired and sometimes a little sore you still have fun. She has helped me accomplish things I never dreamed possible in just a few short weeks. I couldn't imagine training with anyone else. Even injured I never had to miss a class. She adjusted my routine so that I still got full benefit but not hurt myself further. You don't find many willing to do that. You see results so quick, not just in losing weight and toning but in your abilities in your workout alone. Paula has really changed my life in a good way thanks to her teaching style and personality. I look forward to continuing training with her."
- Tammy

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